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Discover the true meaning of hospitality when you are greeted by Shaun & Lou Renwick who take pride in sharing the secrets of their beloved Northumberland. For farmhouse chic bed and breakfasts to charming self-catering holidays, experience the warmth that makes your stay truly special at Cragend Farm, for you and your family.

Your Northumberland adventure awaits. Come and create memories that will last a lifetime. Uncover the secrets of this hidden gem at Cragend Farm, and let the magic of Northumberland enchant you.

Escape city lights and behold the wonders of the night sky. Northumberland is one of the largest and most pristine dark sky areas in Europe. Gaze up at the stars and let the cosmos unfold before your eyes.

Explore the tales of centuries gone by as you take our award winning Cragend Farm tour, which holds its own unique history, then wander to the many other historic and iconic sites that punctuate the landscape in Northumbria. From majestic Alnwick Castle, known for its magical allure, to Lindisfarne, Hadrian’s Wall, and the brooding beauty of Bamburgh Castle standing proud on the coastline, Northumberland's history unfolds around every corner.

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About the author

Lou is the owner of Cragend Farm with her husband Shaun, and deals with everything from Holiday Accommodation inquiries to egg collection from the chickens; she is the social media and web design finger-tapper.

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Cragend Farm has a interesting and diverse history, from technical innovations to historic buildings. Tied in closely to the neighbouring Cragside Estate home of Victorian inventor and industrialist Lord Armstrong.