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Cragend Farm Historic Tour takes you from The Big Bang to 21st century following the history of how the farm developed. Lord Armstrong of Cragside used it as a show case for his modern technology for agricultural and industrial machinery and this can be experienced in a sensory visit with pictoral and written evidence for history and engineering lovers. More tours in September and October 2023 and into 2024. 

 Two turbines dated 1883 and 1886 and ahydraulic hoist 1884. Also a weigh machine dated c1880

Suitable for children over 8.

As seen in The Northumbrian Magazine 


About the author

Lou is the owner of Cragend Farm with her husband Shaun, and deals with everything from Holiday Accommodation inquiries to egg collection from the chickens; she is the social media and web design finger-tapper.

Jonathan Minns, a London-based steam and engineering expert was CEO of the British Engineerium museum based at Hove in the 1970-180’s. He wrote about Cragend Silo: “… i t represents probably one of the finest purpose-built agricultural buildings in the world” and “a brilliant example of his [Lord Armstrong of Cragside] engineering innovations”.
Tours of The Cragend Farm Silo and other machinery are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Ticket required. Pre-booking essential.

Find Out More About Cragend

Cragend Farm has a interesting and diverse history, from technical innovations to historic buildings. Tied in closely to the neighbouring Cragside Estate home of Victorian inventor and industrialist Lord Armstrong.